Thursday, September 19, 2013

I have no idea what to think!

I truly have no idea. Absolutely shocked!

See...the doctor office I applied to for Phlebotomy called back. She said that they didn't have a phlebotomy space open, but that they might be able to put me as a medical assistant  and they'd train me. Of course, they have to wait for the paperwork of the person who said she needed to quit and that the job would be 40 hours a week. 

And when I start getting paid, Medicaid will go bye bye. HOWEVER the doctor's insurance comes in after 90 days--theirs may not accept the MS part of things. But I can talk to the people with my current medication and see about adjusting the payment level.

This is even if I get further than the interview, mind. XD There ARE about 5 and 6 other people, she said. But if they hire me, she said they were super interested in the fact that I could already stick people (because of the phlebotomy) and that it would be in house training for EKG, X-ray, and other small things like that.

So now all I can do is leave it in God's hands. It'd be good to do that anyway so that I don't drive myself crazy being excited and nervous--it's not like I've even got this yet! 

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