Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little further on Norux and Reliah!

Anyone following my fA has probably seen this but I need something to post, dangit. XD And I'm completely tempted to redo the hair from scratch--I certainly haven't made it look like fire! 
...though on a point, what if (and only 'what if') in Norux's homeland, the mane and tail of a Rapidash and Ponyta are hairlike? I'll still have to redo the hair strokes with no doubt, but it's been something I've been thinking on. 

And with the two colored in as they ought to be, I ought to start thinking about shadows and backgrounds. Already had the idea to make them be standing on a dirt road a ways off from Telei (Norux's volcano). Plenty of grass around the area and all too, a few small hills and dips in the ground. We'll see.

There's also the matter of my supposed to be sketching out what I want for my dA. I'm working on it but it's taking me a bit longer than I promised to actually be able to devote the actual time for it! So very sorry on that one, div!

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  1. I usually seem to picture fire with its brightest parts on the outside rather than the inside as you have it here. Maybe that would make the difference in making the hair look more like fire? I don't know; just an idea.