Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wii Fit Routines

...okay. The Routines? They use yoga and yoga-strength routines. These are terrible to someone who is used to only playing the 'mini games' to add up to the thirty minutes set. @@

Staaars. Ten minutes of the routines had me shaking so pitifully. .-.; I must be awfully out of shape for something designed on the Wii, of all things, to do this to me! Then again, it may be that I've been babying the MS too long. There's absolutely no telling what so ever.
At least some of the exercises allow for me to use something for my balance, when I'm supposed to remain standing--and doubly good that they still count toward my total of the day. I don't know what I'd do if they didn't. Cry perhaps?

Here's hoping that I have the strength of stubbornness to keep up with doing these. If only because they can't be bad for me unless I push myself too darn hard. 


  1. Don't let anyone tell you different: yoga, like tai-chi, is HARD. It looks easy, but it's not.

    I fear this revelation and warning comes a little late though... sorry.

    1. I suppose it's better for it to not be too simple, but whoo. XD The few that I've been doing before these are pretty easy (bridges and cobra for certain) but in these extras the Wii put together...WOW. I barely got through the rest of what I wanted to play. XD