Saturday, May 25, 2013


"Finally" reset some of my artwork onto the sA and fA sites. Probably will use sA most...and me being myself will HAVE to put everything on both dA and sA til the dA subscription dies off.

...will be 30 dollars back in my pocket, at least. On sheezyArt, at least the ads are hidden by Adblock--even if there are giant x's everywhere! Better than the ads that dA always allows through. 


  1. I don't blame you wanting to eke out everything you can from that subscription.

    1. If it weren't fer the ads that they put up sometimes, I probably would never have started paying them in the first place. Kinda cheap on their end to do that but at this point it's just entirely dA.

      Is it just me or did it start falling downhill when Spyed got ahold of things?

    2. I have no idea. Never really paid much attention to the name behind the administration. Probably a mistake on my part.

    3. Not really. It was just one of the big fights up in 'management' about who owned what, then when Jark lost hold it's like things immediately started becoming about little more than the money.

    4. I remember the Jarkwar, but that's all.

      By the way, you can hide those red x's too. Not sure what browser you're using, but for me in Chrome with Adblock+, just right click on the X and click "Block Element." I just did it myself and they're all gone.

    5. I was afraid that'd make it delete something else! Good! Thank you so much. ^^